Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Lower Haight Connection

Team Tenderloin has many strong allies in the Lower Haight; amoung them there is one who is the most apt to party, the hottest and hard-core-est (that is totally a word) of them all. Sally. It was Sally who introduced us to the beauty that is Trapped in a Closet, the new 5-part epic song and music video released by R Kelley. I cannot fully express what a profound piece of musical genius this is.
Imagine this--waking up in the morning in some bitch's bed who aint yo' wife, then deciding to sing a constant narration of the events of the next couple of hours. Highlights include:
--When he tries to put his phone on vibrate.
--When he counts to four 'cause he's "about to shoot someone."
--R Kelley is apparently not versed in modern chroma key (blue screen) technology. Don't miss the part when he's driving home.
--At the end of each "chapter", the mic is apparently set to echo as the last word is repeated three of four times (i.e--"...and a man picks up my")
--Later with his wife, he starts "going crazy like [he] was tryin' to give her a baby", and she screams out "OH MY GOODNESS, IMA 'BOUT TA CLIMAX!" I swear to christ. This actually happens.

Normally, I don't advocate the watching of TV or movies to entertain oneself (there is so much sex to be had in this world--why watch TV?), but this will not dissapoint.

Cop this son.
p.s.--Team Tenderloin got all-kindsa wasted on Polk the other night, culminating in me barging into a "friends" hotel where he works graves at the front desk. Apparently I thought it was a good idea to make out with him on camera. As per usual, Boy Wonder could not attend. Big D was there however in all of his oral (read: he bit me) glory.


Blogger Counts said...

Ah pulled back the cover,
Oh ma Gawd a Rubber!...ubber...ubber...ber

Tuesday, 19 July, 2005  

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