Saturday, August 13, 2005

Pete and Guy Prove no Match for New Lower Haight Hotspot

Last night, Team Tenderloin ventured to North Beach where the final installment of "The Pete and Guy Show" was already in full swing when we arrived. Nothin' like a neurotic wordsmith and a Brit singer/songwriter to start a saturday night off right.

Then something went terribly wrong.

Our quiet North Beach adventure turned to same old Lower Haight debauchery when I got home, my roomates already swilling PBR's and bottles of wine in my bedroom. Wait...let me say that again. MY BEDROOM.

Seriously--if I didn't live in a goddamn glorified youth hostel, I'd start charging a cover because apparently MY BEDROOM is the hottest spot in the neighborhood. I mean, think about it--it's like a bar 'cause there's always beer, but no one ever charges so it's like, THE BEST BAR EVER. Also, unlike other spots in California, you don't have to go outside to smoke. Also, the door policy is apparently pretty lax as Counts proved when he let a goddamn drugdealer into MY BEDROOM at three o'clock in the morning.

So if you're in the greater San Francisco area, don't miss Lower Haight's new hotspot--MY BEDROOM. You'll be showered with many fine gifts of Camel Lights, PBR, and falafel. Were bumpin' every night of the week right above Naan & Chutney's ready to fulfill all of your alchoholic needs. Just yell at the window with the M in it--the password is: "DROP YOUR KEYS DOWN!"

Monday, August 08, 2005

Jeffery Rocks the Turntables, the Children of Lower Haight Rejoice

So I'm at Ameoba on Saturday, and my friend James is all like "Omigod, Jeffery is having a party tonight!" and I'm all like "no way that's awesome 'cause he lives across the street from me!"

Done and done. We all grabbed a few pints in the 'hood, and then went promptly to 'the party' which was more like a loud, smoky can of sardines. On the upside, I picked up a beautiful Dutch boy who's name I keep forgetting. IT WAS AWESOME.

The funny thing was, Mr. Mysterio didn't dip from the party--I DID, drunken A'damian in tow.

What did Violet have to say about the shindig?

"It's so beautiful!! YES!"