Saturday, April 29, 2006

Holy Effing Ess.

You know, I thought it wouldn't be possible to beat my last birthday which I spent with my best friends on a dance floor on a beach in Playa Del Carmen, having a cute Mexican girl pour shots down my throat after watching a fire dancing performance. But this year just might have done it. For anyone who doesn't know, me and about twenty-five friends rushed the High Tide and Whiskey Theives, and in true Team Tenderloin style, GOT WASTED!

As you all know from Miranda's re-cap, we had a great fucking time. All the next day, all I could say was , "woah," or, "shit" or any other explative that might have aptly described the incredible rockassness of the night before. I'm not kidding, that's all I could do; well, that is, after changing out of the bottom half of my Clockwork Orange costume and a tee shirt that has written on it in a sharpie, "I'm Batman." (Talk about a walk of shame.) My stomach still reads "Robin" with an arrow pointing down. (See picture Below)

So anyway, thanks to all who came out. Let's do it again soon.

Oh yeah, did everyone see how hot Raya looked? She sang me "Happy Birthday Mr. President!" Rockass!

Later, --Counts

[A brief edit by Milkshake who is abusing her admin priveleges but didn't want to make a whole post about it: Muggle Marc, also from Four Ninja Food Groups is in town from Los Angeles this weekend. It is then official--half of our sister gang from South Carolina is in town. Brodeur, make sure your pirate ass stays calm, or these Ninja badasses are gonna beat the crap out of you.
Also, Locks has a buddy in from Denver.
Point being--Tunnel Top @ 10:00pm tonight! Oh, and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that I hope QC is having fun at Coachella; we expect a full report upon his return! Oh, and lastly, everyone welcome Boo to the blog. --M]

Friday, April 28, 2006

Masters of Our Domain

Oh, what a week it's been.

But the gang seems to be kicking it into high gear lately, no? Well, all of this partying has finally paid off, bitches.
As a thank you, Moto Mike of Four Ninja Food Groups has gotten our lovely little gang a lovely little gift for all of our high-voltage hospitality.
From now on, when relating to your friends, family and groupies where you can find us, tell them It's true guys, were masters of our domain. Thank Moto when you get a chance.
On a side note, Counts would like to thank everybody for a killer birthday. He'll be posting his take on events soon, as well as some killer pics, which you can also thank Moto for.
I hope you guys are happy--every single muscle in my body hurts. Every single one. Being awesome is so much work.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

That Was So Fresh

Oh my God. I don't even really know where to start, but I have to say something to go with all these pictures.
I know, I know--you guys are all like: "Omigod Milkshake! What the fuck happened last night?" Except that I'm all like, "Uhh...dude. I don't evenknow." That's fresh. Oh, right--so last night was Counts' birthday. Rockass times were had by all. QC called me this morning (read: afternoon) and was all: "Omigod I made out with so many people last night! I feel like Marily!"
But in truth, don't we all feel like Marily? I mean, I made out with at least five people last night, and have seen pictures of me making out with more than that. Apparently, they are un-retouched.
You know, whenever a night starts out with you and twenty of your friends and gang members packing the High Tide, you should assume that something will happen akin to what happened to me this morning--rolling over, saying goodmorning to the boy in my bed, realizing that QC is gone, my phone is ringing, and my entire apartment is covered in scattered pieces of old halloween costumes, beer, and used profilactics. Rockass.
As per usual, Boy Wonder was sleeping the whole time. He totally should have come--he could have totally had the ever illusive menage a trois he's always getting drunk and demanding I set up for him. Let's just say my girlfriends, like everyone else in attendance, were totally wasted. And he is, after all, 5'9" and cute.
Seriously--most of what I remember from last night is tongues flying everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Oh, and very, very loud music. And AC/DC at Whiskey Thieves.
And just for the record, Brodeur's a great kisser. And so is QC. And Moto. And, well, A-K for that matter. And Boo. And Mindy. And probably, Marily.
[p.s.--everyone take a moment out of your day to welcome Brodeur to the gang. And the blog. And apparently, I also welcome his tongue in my mouth.--M]

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

You're sexy! You're sick!

Hi blog.

"Man, you look really great today..." I said, exploring the first slimy tentacles of a new fetish, "Did you do something with your hair?"

"No... I'm just really hung over. I vomited three times this morning after my abortion." She flipped her bangs and rubbed some more 3$ Walgreens foundation onto her cheeks, which to me looked pretty good; I bet she tastes like strawberries.

Lately I've been noticing a strong streak of asexual tendencies in my day-to-day activities, and the increase seems to be inversely proportionate to the number of days since I've gotten laid. This gradual decline in erotic interest has made most of the usual benefits of talking to the opposite sex void. However, I've run into a few people recently who I've not seen for a while and thought, damn sam, gina's looking good today with those gold bangles and that tartan headband, which has been encouraging. With a little help from my shrink, the lovely and godly Dr. Scary Larry (and his children, who can be catalogued by number and measured in miligrams), I might just pull through. What's been happening has just been a little disturbing, that's all. Every time I compliment a girl there seems to be some horrible circumstance that precludes our meeting. Or it's a bad hair day, or their dad just died (whom they loved very much and really, they're very late for the candle-lighting ceremony at his neighborhood bar, Esta Noche), or they suffered a minor contusion after a 4-night-400-bump binge... Every time I think a girl is hot, she is invariably not, both by her own desperate admission and my spurious but utterly convincing detective work.

"Jessie! Wow, look at you!"

"I know, I'm a wreck."


"My prescription ran out, so I'm treating them with Preparation H."

"Them what?"

"My sores..." And when she said it, I noticed a series of open lesions around her mouth, giving the illusion of the wide, full lips of Je petite Courtney Love (which is French, of course, for cock-slopped-lips).

Maybe I'm just attracted to women having a bad day. Whatever it is, I'll soon discover the link between my current status and why I've only been interested in histrionic hypochondriacs.

5'9" and WAY CUTE.

I'd just like to welcome Boy Wonder to the blog! Just to give y'all a little background, He's rediculously pretty, very cute, awesome, and he's 5'9". And cute. Trust. Oh, and apparently he always has his shirt off.
Boy Wonder, we're all patiently awaiting your first post.

It better be good.

Also, it's Counts' BIRTHDAY! Yes! Oh dear lord, were gonna paint the 'Loin red tonight!
And also drink beer!

And remember, meet at my place [Post @ Hyde] 'round 9 or so, we'll go from there as soon as Counts and The Queer Comandeer are off work.

Also, there is a very special surprise coming soon to Team Tenderloin...stay tuned, and stay cute.
[Oh, p.s.--if you happen to see me today, don't be alarmed by the shit eating grin I'll most likely be sporting until sometime tomorrow morning. He-he. Hehehehehe. Also, for the love of God, try and use the word "fresh" as much as possible. And of course "rockass". And...Oh dude, I just totally lost my train of...he-he. Hehehehehehehe! HAHAHAHAHA! I'm so awesome.]

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Count

Dude, Counts' birthday is tomorrow. TIGHT. Pub crawl anyone? Superhero pub crawl?

Good. I'll TM everyone as a reminder, but meet at my place between 9-10, k? K.

Oh, and just one thing--Doesn't that look like someone that should be in our gang? I mean, goddamnit.
Wait a second, I started this gang--shouldn't this be up to Counts, Big D and Myself?

Man, this is never gonna work.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Oh How the 'Loin Shines and Echoes With the Laughter of the Beautiful Ones!

Bud and Jay-Jay @ Tunnel Top

Moto Mike from Four Ninja Food Groups was in town, so Team Tenderloin kicked it old school and cruised down to the Tunnel Top and off to Rye for last call.

Some notes on Thursday night:

1. Boy Wonder is definitely 5'9" and cute. And no, I'm not going to do anything about it.
2. I am so down with OPP.
3. Moto is so awesome.
4. Jay-Jay knows what's up, when it's almost two, you better jet to the store.
5. I do not know what's up--when you're running to the store, never EVER trip on your own pant leg and run your knee cap into the pavement.

I got a HOT new accessory to go with my jean skirt--AN ACE BANDAGE. A black one, tee-hee.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Irony can be a cruel, rancorous bitch goddess

There is nothing more pretentious or obnoxious then when life tries to rub some breezy, purportedly ironic fucking slice of life in your face. Seriously, nothing makes me want to throw a bag of kittens into the bay more than falling into any situation which can be labeled as one which "You'll totally laugh about in a year". I won't laugh at it in a year. Trust. In a year, I'll have forgotten all about it. That is, until some douchebag feels the need to ask if I remember that time I "totally wrote that guy a drunken text message at 5am telling him I wanted to 'pound his ass like a kettle drum' and then totally forgot about it the next morning, missing the inevitable Tchaiskovsky reference he dropped the next time I ran into him. I'm still not laughing. Our mutual friends, as could be expected, still are.

Okay, so maybe I'm blowing this current situation a bit out of proportion. It's really more of an annoying tickle than a true slap across the face. You see, it's threefold:

One - For the first time in months, Gay Sex Thursday was cancelled. Unsuccesful. A miss. I did end up staying out till 7am, and I made out a bit, but the real fruits of my labours which I had grown so used to devouring (like clockwork!) stayed on the vine this week. Rats.

Two - There are fifty male models staying in our hotel tonight, for one night. Fifty. Male. Models. Most are too tall/jacked/overly groomed/completely retarded/ugly for my tastes, but there's fifty of them. At least twelve so far have made me have to think about baseball. Like this one with the glasses... (On the upside, Zoolander jokes never really get old)

Three - This is the clincher. Lets spell this out logically:
The male models are only in town for one night.
The male models all want to go out and party.
Partying leads to lowered inhibitions (read, blowjob cravings)
The male models are not familiar with San Francisco, and don't know where to party.
I am a concierge at the hotel housing the male models.

Yeah, doesn't take a genius. Lure them all to Tunnel Top and take my pick. Done and done. Too bad I'm roped into hitting a strip club for my friend's birthday. Instead of the sweet smell of boy, I can enjoy the aroma of tuna and cheap beer. I do kind of have a penchant for titties, though.

And who knows; maybe in a year I'll look back on this and laugh.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Happy Four Twenty!

Its Thursday. I have a job, school, and a ton of shit to do. Now, you know I don't smoke pot, you know this, . . but today I'm gonna get me high. April twentieth every year, I make an exception to me not really smoking and it's no different this year. For someone who used to be nicknamed Stoner Pete, 4/20 is as important a day as Halloween or New Years.
Today also marks another important moment in my life. Mlikshake and I met 10 years ago today at a rock concert that I barely remember going to and don't remember leaving.
So anyway, the party will commence tonight at Tunnel Top with half of Four Ninja Food Groups, including Moto Mike, in attendance along with the majority of TTL. There will be drinking, smoking and a rockass time to be had by all.
Later, --Counts

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Boo and the Gang

Okay, wait. Some notes on last night.

1. QC is the prettiest and coolest boy in the whole land, and when I say "I hate Angelo", I don't say that just because I'm contractually obligated to.
2. Boo and I need to get a life other than stressing over a bunch of stupid boys that don't matter. We will probably never actually do that.
3. I have never seen anything funnier than the look on Justin's face when Marily surgically removed her mouth from his for just enough time to push him over a counter and into a wall via her hand and his head. Seriously, what she was telling Jen was really important. I think it was "I need to stop making out!"
4. My new favorite pick-up line that I used last night: "Yeah, sorry. I was eyeing you across the bar all night but I was too lazy to do anything. Oh well. Should we get some beer?"
5. Guys, when you pick up some random chick at a bar, don't ever EVER say "I want to make love to you" unless you are singing a Led Zeppelin song. Seriously. Trust.

Also--We are not changing Boo's nickname until Aaron Brodeur is allowed into the gang without Boo or I sleeping with him. I mean, Jay-Jay can't do it--she's with Bud. Doesn't anyone else see how important this is that Brodeur be in the gang?
That being said, I left my Team Tenderloin hoodie at the "make love to you" guys house. Goddamnit. That means I have to call him and that he's aware of my gang affiliation. He actually heads another (rival?) Tenderloin gang called "bad assed downtown" something something...I forget.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Okay, okay. Hold on!

Okay, seriously--
Counts decided that he wanted a 415 number, and needs a new phone anyway. So I was like "cool, I'll take my old 305 number back, 'cause I'll at least be visiting home soon, if not moving back eventually." But then, I was like, Oh: Lets see if Peter's sim card goes in my phone without unlocking it! But then my dumb ass set both of our naked sim cards on top of my laptop.

I'm sorry, what was that?

Right. I set our sim cards on my laptop. I am sorry. I've already been beaten profusely, so don't think I haven't been punished. The worst part is, I've never even heard of that! But then Counts is all like: "Dude, you can't even put credit cards on a laptop." and then I was like, "whatever, post on the blog, bitch."

That's right bitches. [*Milkshake does knees-bent-Beavis-ass-slapping-dance*]

Anyway...I was thinking. Now don't frik out or anything! I was just wondering if the official rules on joining our gang should be changed, seeing as under the rules as they now stand, we can't admit Hot Nick (which is the coolest nickname ever), Marilee, Andrew, or (we kissed and made up) Aaron Brodeur. I mean, maybe between Claudia and I, we could take care of a couple of these but Nick? Dude. That is just kinda wrong.

I'm just saying.
I'll call everyone later as soon as phase #1 phone switching is completed.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Team Tenderloin needs to get their phones turned back on. This is bullshit. The goddamn Easter Bunny can rise from the dead, and I can't even get a hold of anyone.

Irritably Yours,

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Pink is the New Black Part 2: Martini, Noodle, Beer, Vengeance.

Many of you may be wondering why Brodeur is going to die, so as promised here's why.

Aaron Brodeur Must Die
a play in four acts by: Milkshake Moure

Act 1: At the Hotel
scene: Milkshake is visiting The Queer Comandeer and Count's place of work, which just also happens to be where Big D used to work, and where Boo, A-K, and the illustrious Aaron Brodeur work currently. Oh, and some guy named Dave who I just met. We're standing by the concierge counter which QC is behind checking out the Team Tenderloin blog.

Milkshake: "Buds. Whattup."
Counts: "You gonna stay and have a drink at the Redwood Room?"
M: "FUCK NO. Look, I love you guys, but you're bar fucking sucks. I can smell the pretention wafting out of there, I mean Boy Wonder likes that bar for chrissakes."
QC: "Hahaha! 'Ass: the other vagina'. That's so rockass."
C: "What the hell?"
QC: "Sorry. Oh! Yeah! Milkshake, you should totally stay and have a drink. It'll be free."
M: "Hmmm...that is tempting. K. I'm down."

QC goes off to doctor up a drink ticket while a dapper young security agent saunters over to say whattup to Counts.

Dave: "Counts. Sup. How's your night goin'?"
C: " know. Same shit, different bitch. Hey bud, you ever met Milkshake?"
D: "No. Hey, I'm Dave."
M: "Milkshake. A pleasure, I'm sure."
D: "Did you just say Milkshake?"
M: "Did I just stutter?"

Just then, another security agent rushes past the counter, but slows just enough to briefly say hi.

Aaron Brodeur: "Milkshake! Where you been?"
M: "Hey Brodeur! Omigod! Let's hang soon, k?"
D: "Did you used to work here or something?"
M: "No."
D: "Oh, uh...okay. So you just like, know everybody here?"
M: "Yeah. Totally."
D: "Right, well in that case here's a flyer. Next Wednesday, at Pink. You should come."
M: "Pink? No way."
QC: "Don't worry, it's cool. Brodeur's throwing the party, and everyone's going. I'm dressing up. It's gonna be like us and Boo and Marilee and Angela and Taylor and Rhea and stuff and it's gonna be so awesome! Oh, and Hot Nick is gonna be there. Oh dear lord, what I wouldn't give for one night..."
M: "Seriously, QC. Get over Nick, it's just the hair."
QC: "I know, I know, but it's really cute hair. Oh, here's your drink ticket."
M: "This says my last name is Smith."
QC: "No, what it says is that you're gonna get some free whiskey."
[fin act 1]

Act 2: At Pink
scene: QC, Counts and Milkshake arrive after a quick prep session at QC's house around the corner. The music sucks, but all the homies are out in force, the beers aren't that expensive, Hot Nick is violently serving people on the dance floor and as it [fortunately] turns out, Angela is not pissed at Milkshake. After a couple rounds, Milkshake dips out for a smoke only to find Brodeur on the phone, and some drunk French guy trying to get in her pants.

Some Drunk Frenchie: "Excuse you say? I can take a smoke from you?"
M: "Yeah. Fine dude. Need a light?"
SDF: "Haha! Yes. In my country, for to say 'light' it is 'cock', no? We always saying 'cock' all the time for to ask this."
M: "What the fuck?"
SDF: "Yes, it is humorous, no? We say 'cock' and then in America not so much say 'cock' all the time, no?"
M: "What are you on dude?"

Just then, Broudeur finishes his phone call, steps over to Milkshake, puts his arm around her and starts talking in a British accent.

AB: "There you are love! I 'bout thought you'd got'n 'way this time."
M: "Oh, honey, never. Are you kidding me? I would never, ever do that to you."
SDF: "This you say; your boy, no?"
AB: "In't she beautiful? I love this woman. She's so amazing, just look at 'er."
SDF: "Yes, yes. I am from France."
M: "Oh, what an international group we are, aren't we honey? My husband Aaron here is from Manchester."
SDF: "Ah, yes! Manchester yes!"
AB: "Uhh...Oh. Yes love. My wife looks so beautiful tonight."
M: "Oh, baby! You're just saying that!"
AB: "Quite right, love. I am just saying--you see, my wife and I have an open relationship."

Frenchie starts to get increasingly excited as the pissed-offed-ness starts to rise into Milkshake's already rosy cheeks.

M: "An open relationship. Right. But uh...honey..."
AB: "Yes, we were just so young, you know? We have so much left to experience. Right love?"
M: Right. Um, Aaron, honey..."
AB: "I mean, I love this woman, but how could I deny 'er the pleasures of other men? Of the French, even."
SDF: "Yes! I am France!"
M: "Oh my..."
SDF: "I don't...why you look at funny when he say this, yes? You no happy."
M: "Oh, no. I'm very, very happy. I love him so fucking much it hurts. Hurts real bad. Right honey? Real bad.
A: "I love this woman. Look at 'er, she's amazing."
M: "Yes, that part's true."
A: "And she leaves the leg warmers on, if you know what I mean."
SDF: "Yes! Yes! I am France!"
[fin act 2]

Act 3: Milkshake alone in her apartment the next day.

scene: Milkshake is alone in her apartment the next day.

M: "I'm gonna get that Aaron Brodeur if it's the last thing I do. I'm gonna go all kindsa Japanese on his ass. I WANT MY GODDAMN $16.12! Oh, I mean, I'm gonna get that kid!
[fin act 3]

Act 4: At the Hotel Again

scene: Counts and Milkshake are standing at the concierge desk where QC is again checking out the Team Tenderloin blog instead of working. Brodeur saunters up in his gay looking suit and tie, and Milkshake immediately squints her eyes and grimaces when she sees him stop about ten feet away. Her hands are involuntarily clenching as QC starts to whistle the old-western-movie-dueling-song. Brodeur begins to squint back just as Counts chimes in with the all too fitting 'wah wah wah's'.

M: "Brodeur."
AB: "Milkshake."
M: "Oh, it's so on.
AB: "Oh, it's been on. You didn't even realize the on-ness."
M: "Oh, I realized."
AB: "Fine then. Let's just do this Japanese then."
M: "Whatever, I don't even know what that means."
AB: "You wouldn't."
M: "And you wouldn't know the pleasures of a woman."
AB: "Would too. You're hella dumb."
AB: "No, kiddo. I said woman.

Just then, a rabid penis-eating pony runs out of no where and bites off Brodeur's wiener. He cries out in pain as he crumples to the marble floor while Cletus the pony jumps into the giant armchair to happily munch what's left of Brodeur's dismembered Johnson.

AB: "Oh my God! You are a vengeful Milkshake!"
QC: "Hahaha! Whale tail! That is fucking hilarious. Wait, omigod, is Brodeur okay?"
C: "No. But Cletus is--check him out over there chewing on Brodeur's My Little Pony!"
QC: "Remind me to never piss Milkshake off ever again.
[fin act 4]


Friday, April 14, 2006

It's Already Brought

from: Aaron Brodeur to: Milkshake Moure

Apr 13 (22 hours ago)
Your neck is mine biotch, from the moment we exchanged vows on Mt. Fuji. You said let's do it Japanese. You know what? Let's do it Japanese. [italics mine]

Bring it.

Oh. It's so fucking brought. I would be doing this in person right now if I wasn't so rockassingly hungover, but I just want to take this opportunity to invite all of you (especially Aaron) To my:


There will be all kinds of extra special surprises!
And Aaron, I'll even give you one free pony ride.
You're welcome.


[p.s.--I know it's a side issue, but i was just thinking about an old post called "Shaun White...mmm..." from last February, and I would just like to point out that when Milkshake put's her mind to something, she delivers. Specifically the part where I was all like: "I know I said I’d stop after that one pro-skier, but can’t a girl bag a pro-snowboarder before she dies?" Yeah, done and done. I'm just saying you better fucking watch out Brodeur. --M]

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pink is the New Black

Aaron Brodeur is fucking DEAD.

That's all I'm saying for now. I'm writing a little play about the events of last night to be unveiled in a few days, but for now, just know that he will fall victim to a fury previously unseen by the Tenderloin. I am a vengeful Milkshake.

It will also probably be funny.

Oh! And involve ass darts or something totally rockass like that.

I will also NEVER MAKE OUT WITH HIM AGAIN. Mark my word.

[p.s.--Brodeur, if you're reading this--I AM GONNA GET YOU. I know where you live, and I've seen where you sleep and I swear by all that is holy that you wil surely regret not pretending to be my faithful British husband. "I love this woman" my black ass. --M]

I don' want NO PART of yo' TIRED ASS cuntry club, ya FREAK BITCH!

Monday, April 10, 2006

"A little whale tail never hurt anybody."

Sunday, April 09, 2006

That's not a towel rack, it's my Evening Look

A few things:

1. 'Runway' is possibly the best new game ever. Props to Counts, who worked the rice-farmers hat with a fierceness previously seen only in people who have trashed hotel rooms with Johnny Depp. Work will be exponentially more amusing now that we can start rifling through luggage and Runwaying electric toothbrushes and orthopedic shoes and shit.

2. Rivaling the buzz surrounding 'Runway' is the timeless class that is 'Ass Darts'. In case you're unfamiliar with the sport, it involves holding a quarter between your ass cheeks and then dropping it into a pint glass after maneuvering around/across/through some sort of obstacle. The use of hands is expressly forbidden.

3. I really want to bone Drew Daniel from Matmos. In a serious way. He's a big 'mo and lives in San Francisco, so I figure it can't be that hard. If anyone has any leads, I'd really appreciate it. (Alternately, I'd settle for a copy of BUTT Magazine #5 with the Matmos cock shots, but I would really prefer to actually bone him.)

4. For all you newbies sitting around wondering when you're finally going to be inducted: I'm working on it. God. Can you just get off my back for ONE FUCKING HOUR??!?! But seriously, initiation is coming soon. If you're smart, you've been training for weeks already. And yes, Ass Darts will figure prominently.

5. I know this post kind of sucks. Deal. I'm tired.

6. Seriously, Drew, if you're reading this, lets do it. You should see my ass. We can put on Homogenic while we're making out, I know how much you love Bjork. You can even bring your boyfriend. 415.487.9944. Call late.


Saturday, April 08, 2006

"I'll give you two days."

The Queer Comandeer and Milkshake Get Pounded Like Farm-Fresh Chicken Breasts
a play by: Milkshake Moure

scene: QC and Milkshake are at Hotel Utah last Thursday watching Milkshake's ex play the guitar with an unrivaled emo abandon. Oh yeah, and the rest of the band is there too.

QC: "OH MY GOD, you won't believe what I had today."
M: "Omigod, you won't believe what i had today."
QC: Mine's better. Trust.
M: "No way. I totally got you beat. Mine is way better."
QC: "No way, because what I had today, for the first time, was the new TAB ENERGY DRINK! It's so rockass that it warps space time!"
M: "..."
QC: "Kay. What's yours?"
M: "Goddamnit. That's exactly what I was gonna say. IT'S SO AWESOME THOUGH!"
QC: "Are you fucking serious? Damnit, then who wins?"
M: "Who wins what?"
QC: "Who wins the 'who's is better game'?"
M: "Well, I drank mine within half an hour of getting pounded like a Farm-Fresh chicken breast. Maybe I win."
QC: "Kay. You win this one. But while you're contemplating the merits of this crappy band over a beer later, know that I will be tenderizing Angelo's ass."
M: "I love you."